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Get outta that apartment man! Get outta your head!

I want to write about this friend of mine, and I am not worried about him reading what I write. I know he won’t ever read this because he doesn’t care about my blogs or blogging in general. I tried … Continue reading

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The Never of Now

It never truly feels like I’m at where I’m at. I am not legitimately in my proper place ever — in time or space –where ever I find myself at (the workplace, for example … MOSTLY… but… also: any place or time where people … Continue reading

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Obvious Self-Help Tactic

My main tactic for dealing with anxiety lately is to remember that things are not always this bad. It’s obvious, I know, but repeating this to myself (and typing a blog post about it) – this helps to really remind … Continue reading

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  One thing that this blog really needs (besides a quick press of the ‘delete’ button), is photography. My photography skills are about as bad as my writing though…so …I should only post photos occasionally. Another thing that this blog lacks … Continue reading

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Two Friends Lost

It looks like I’ve been written off by two different friends. There are two major transitions occurring in my life right now, and I just have not been managing my time very well. I’ve neglected these friends. It’s not just … Continue reading

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Several intense text conversations going on and one very intense actual face to face conversation. (And then there’s last night…great nephew with 105 degree temperature) I’m reeling. The face to face conversation was with a guy from my little local … Continue reading

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