Interviews are my new hobby.

I come away from interviews feeling exhilarated. It’s a rush, trying to con people, feeling like you got away with something. Just kidding. I am truthful in interviews. I don’t have a sharp enough mind to keep all the intricacies of a lie running smoothly.

This week I have had two face-to-face interviews and a phone interview. The phone interview was with a really technical job. They cornered me a couple of times…I exhausted all of my knowledge and experiences. I had nothing further to add to these key points that they seemed so locked on. I didn’t panic. I simply didn’t know how to do that level of stuff (hardercore DBA stuff). I expressed to them the things that I AM able to do, but, …anyway.

The face-to-face interviews felt like they went well. In one of them, there were three people interviewing me. At one point I had them cracking up. The conversation had touched on an annoyance we all had in common work-wise…and I made a good funny regardin it. This is my best prospect. I feel really good about it. It’s not technical, but it is data heavy. Data heavy and documentation heavy. The documentation is super important…as it gets translated directly into mapping for user permissions and data flow in these applications they sell. I hope I get this job!

The other face-to-face went very well too. It was with a recruiter, and he ended up sending my resume to three different places (one of which was the one mentioned above, where I ‘ran out of value-add attributes’…and generally ran out of steam. That’s okay. Even though I didn’t have the needed juice for the first company he sent my resume to, he is still sending my info to other places. He’s a good recruiter. He gave suggestions for my resume and gave me some inside insights on the recruiting game…he said I’m asking for too little money…and gave me some other good insights.


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3 Responses to Interviews are my new hobby.

  1. MrJohnson says:

    Being good enough to be able to get interviews means you will get a position eventually.

  2. It’s great building that network, and seeing it go to work for you. 🙂

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