Readin Tech

I’ve read a lot about tech lately because it’s so slow at work. Technology stories, very often, are good news stories. Look what we can do now! There are of course many many stories of tech used for bad, but usually, I feel much better reading an hour of tech than I do reading an hour of world news. Local news, I won’t even touch anymore.

Anyway. Technology. Yeah! My money is on EEG. Telepathy! Whenever people around me start marveling about the marvels of modern technology, I always interrupt them and ask if they know about EEG. This will turn out to be a bigger ‘invention’ than the internet. The internet connected us, yes, but EEG will really really connect us. This technology will only improve. That’s what technology does. Soon you won’t even have to wear that tacky mass of probes on your scalp.

Give me some wifi EEG and an extra shot of espresso! We’ll meld! LET’S MELD!!

Get yourself some EEG, and I’ll turn on my EEG and we’ll both see some serious stuff! Some serious us. Some serious we. Some serious you and me. Unified! There will be embarrassment. Some fear. But we’ll put two heads together, a bunch of heads together. Collective Empathy! Things won’t seem so bad when you view another person’s mind — when you see how another person evaluates a particular thing. Other things might seem really important when you see how another person evaluates a particular thing. It will diminish hate when you see inside the mind of a person you hate. You’ll know why the do a particular thing. When they see in you how much you hate that thing, they’ll maybe knock that crap off. And hopefully we can all come to the same conclusion one day, the same resignation: who cares.


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One Response to Readin Tech

  1. 63mago says:

    Two heads ? Like Beebelbrox ?

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