Literally Paid to Do Nothing

If you want to pay me to sit here and do nothing, right on. Period.

I am caught in the middle of an ongoing mother-son squabble, and I’m  dying to know how ridiculous it will get.

This is how I get my paycheck. I sit back and watch as this ‘family business’ careens forward… on and off the road… like a school bus full of brawling junior high kids …driven by a mostly crazy person.

The mom hired me as a QA person, to ensure the quality of data that the son churns out with his coat hanger and bubble gum ‘solution.’

The son resents my being here. The son bullies the mom. The mom is mostly in charge, but the son controls technology and data. The son is a major twat. The son squabbles with the other siblings and inlaws  who work here too. And any recommendation I make is ignored. Who cares…whatever. I search jobs and read about technology while I sit here.


About HappyApathy

It eels what it eels.
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2 Responses to Literally Paid to Do Nothing

  1. I had a job where I did absolutely nothing but fetch the mail. I surfed the web all day, and my brain cells died.

    • HappyApathy says:

      That’s what I’ve got going alright. If they run ‘the report’ on me, …it’s just good I’m packing light in there. I don’t have hordes of Star Wars action figures all over my desk or any Pier One Import stuff.

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