Staring out window on company time

I don’t have anything to do. I would do some work — if there was some work to do. Things are this way because this is a new company, and they are still trying to figure out how to delegate, figuring out how the work should flow. They tell you to do one thing one day. Then the next day it’ll be something different. Lately though I have slipped through the cracks in their chaotic game plan. (Ain’t  did shit, ain’t said shit.)  I’ve been messing around with sqlite databases…it is a simple and free download, sqlite. The one main I.T. dude, at the young company that employs me, is holding the data hostage — so I’m growing my own. I join this data source to that data source …..and I take many breaks….and I peep a headline or a tweet. I walk in the halls. I return to my desk and point out insignificant errors….blah blah. I guess I should just enjoy it these easy times.


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12 Responses to Staring out window on company time

  1. lifeamongtheflowers says:

    I would enjoy doing it!!

  2. Along time ago I had a job that was 90% free time. I spent a lot of time on the Internet which was new back then.

  3. What the hell is sqlite? Can it get any more absurd?

  4. HappyApathy says:

    It’s a boring free thing, ha…it’s a database software. Absurd is my specialty.

  5. 63mago says:

    I may have missed something – is this still the same company from some posts ago, or a new one ?
    sqlite – fine thing is that it’s a kind of stand-alone, you do not need anybody else. Yeah, collect, connect, play, the only thing one can do with “data”.

    • HappyApathy says:

      Same job, I think. They’re all running together. Yeah, data is like working on puzzles.

      • 63mago says:

        I like puzzles, doing research, searching. But I have never used “data” – I have a problem with numbers for heavens sake, they are just abstract signatures, they do not talk to me. A historical source (text, image) talks to me, I can ask questions, and of course the source determinds whether the question is answered at all and in which way. “Data” is just a heap of numbers for me – if you can understand it, then play with it, perhaps it leads to something. And if someone else is taking hostage of “data”, why not open another front ? Sorry, I generally do not like these military analogies.

      • HappyApathy says:

        Sometimes when I’m working with street addresses, the street name triggers a little story in my head, Alligator Alley, Pirate Cove etc. But the effect wears off quickly and it becomes boring again. I guess the ‘fun’ for me comes in getting a match. Another front is definitely needed…or maybe I could think of it in dance terms instead of military. I’ll do the twist while he’s doing the tango, and in the end I’ll be the horse that scores the touch down

  6. 63mago says:

    I do not know what is a “match” ? Connecting addresses with other things ? From where & what ?
    I know that banks for example do something to evaluate the risk of giving a loan, based on the address of a person – so when you live in a shoddy quarter, or when someone in the neighbourhood has a “bad reputation” or credit history, it bleeds off. I have no clue how sophisticated these instruments are today.
    Why not link data-stuff to absolutely different things ? Whatever is publicly available, again I have no clue. But it all triggers stories, that’s for sure.

    Sorry, must sleep now, have to drive kids around in the ddm.

    • HappyApathy says:

      I try to reverse engineer or recreate the whole big data set by joining queries, and when I am able to produce the same result as their system does using my own method, it’s cool -especially if I find where their method has made errors. I’d love to join to public data sets: census, post, labor bureau…the people I work with never seem willing to give time to go that far though. Always a rush. There are lots of data sets out there, I just saw this post yesterday:

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