There’s a tent hanging off the balcony.

  • 4 A.M. and Sleepless: I was trapped in a maze of traffic cones in a Walmart parking lot just now. They were painting lines in the parking lot, and the cone arrangement and recommended traffic routing confused me. I hope I navigated correctly. I hope I did not track paint all over the place.
  • We took in a rescue cat, a guy cat. He is six to eight years old, nearly all black. He’s very shy. Our girl cat is hissing at him a lot. I hope they can get along okay. The whole point was to give the girl cat some company.
  • We went to a Durham Bulls baseball game and it was fun. Three foul balls were hit in our immediate vicinity. I did not take my eyes off any of these incoming balls — to make sure they didn’t bash me or any of my neighbors in the skull. I’d like to go to more Bulls games. Fun.
  • We went camping at Cliffs of the Neuse State Park, and the guy across the way from us had a white tent. He brought a ‘lady friend’ back to his campsite, and they immediately went inside his white tent. The sun was setting behind his white tent, and they were doing what they were doing in there…the sun shone right through the tent, so it was like silhouette porn. When the act was complete, they got in his car and left. This happened two days in a row. We had all kinds of time, sitting around there in our site, to make all kinds of speculations. She’s a hooker…He’s a serial killer….They’re having an affair…They’re in a weird long-distance relationship that involves outdoor encounters…He had Pennsylvania tags on his car, so… 
  • The people camping across and diagonal from us had a whole tribe of little screamers, so we broke camp quickly in the morning. Our tent was still pretty dirty and wet when we packed it, so it is currently hanging off the balcony drying out.

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  1. That got interesting!

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