4 Friends from my Old Job

There are four people who I have kept in contact with, somewhat, since leaving that old job. I worked there eight years. Should I have come away with more friends? I should have kept in contact with more of them? It’s just pure laziness. Or, it’s mostly laziness…plus something else. I don’t know…shame? The insatiable urge to only look forward? The lack of time? I have a lot of people to keep track of – family, I mean. Enough family -with enough issues- to keep me fully engaged.

Four friends, after eight years. Is that a good ratio? One friend for every two years at that crummy outfit? By friends, I mean: I’ve told them my whole story. I’ve gotten drunk with them. I have trusted them, and they have come through for me. They have trusted me, and I have come through for them. We have had our outs. We have had our ins. I could pretty much say anything to them and they wouldn’t be surprised or alarmed.


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5 Responses to 4 Friends from my Old Job

  1. Blue290 says:

    Those are worth holding on to, maybe the list gets shorter as we get older…

  2. MrJohnson says:

    Sometimes friends slowly become old friends. I guess as long as you still trust them then they are considered your friends still. Sounds like you guys had something decent going on. As long as I enjoy talking to someone then I will keep in contact with them.

  3. 63mago says:

    Bloody long list.

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