I’m grateful for all the probes and probing. Thanks, smart people.

Neptune. Thanks, NASA. Thanks, Voyager.


Louis CK has a funny bit about flying. He pokes fun at our attitude toward modern technological miracles and how we take them for granted and how ungrateful we are for these incredible things that we have.

I’m on a space probe kick lately. For days, I have been reading about various space probes: New Horizons, Dawn, the Mariners – and most incredibly – the Voyagers.

Do you realize that Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, which were launched in 1977, are still sending data back to us!?!?!?! They are leaving our solar system and will continue to operate… far beyond what anybody ever expected! Leaving our solar system!

The space shuttle program was awesome, but it took funds and emphasis away from these awesome space probes. We should get real and forget about trying to send humans into space (at least for a while), and we should just send out super awesome probes – establish a whole string of these things out into space, a network of them — and get on with the serious study of space – instead of being on this Star Trek fantasy kick where we are obsessed with sending hot shot human specimens out there (who will probably starve to death or pop like balloons when their ‘craft’ gets struck by something out there. Anyway, who cares?


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