The Dirt on All of My Coworkers

Just kidding: I don’t have much dirt on them.

  • I work for Mormons! I don’t know what this means yet. So far I just know that they do not drink, and they work their asses off. And they’re from Utah. That’s about all I
    know, and I don’t care enough to read a book about it …or even a wikipedia entry.
  • The psychology of my nearest coworker is becoming clearer and clearer. Apparently, in high school, his head was so small they had to give him a special football
    helmet. Moreover, his helmet was yellow whereas everyone else’s helmet was orange. He is fairly well adapted in the present day, but those yellow helmet days certainly
    left their scars. Probably, he should never have gone out for football. He seems like a chip on the shoulder kind of guy…a little passive aggressive…but that’s just
    me being a judgy little prick, so nevermind.
  • I drive VERY fast to work. I haven’t gotten the Florida out of my system yet. Yes: Everybody in Florida drives very fast –everyone who is not a tourist or a retiree I
    mean. This is how it is in Central Florida anyway. That’s where Daytona is man. Florida has a long and full history and culture of drivin fast and ridiculous.

  • I’m working a whole lotta hours! I don’t have much time for other things. Work and crime shows, that’s about all I got time for.
  • I watch too many crime shows. That is all I watch, actually. Crime shows. And also: Will and Grace reruns. And also — if a worthy movie is circulating and rerunning
    on the cables, I’ll watch that. Like lately I’ve re-watched several pieces of Cool Hand Luke, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Mudd and others I can’t remember.
  • Surely there is more that I can report. My back keeps trying to seize up on me. It’s scary and painful. I lay on heating pads sometimes.
  • I work in a forgotten corner of Raleigh, in a forgotten office park. Everybody who’s anybody works up in the RTP or on Kit Creek, where bold ideas are inspired or whatever. Instead, right now, I’m workin in an old ass office park with crumblin pavement and a difficult pull out – no stoplight….might get killed trying to pull out of there, jees.
  • My love of complainin persists.
  • Still minding my mentals. Keeping close watch on this goofy brain.


The songs of the day, for me, lately, are as follows:


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2 Responses to The Dirt on All of My Coworkers

  1. The Mormons I know don’t ingest caffeine, either. If I gave that up, I’d lose my personality.

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