First day of spring. Ring a ding ding.

  • I settled into a job that I think I can actually do -finally. Who cares where, who cares what. It’s a job doing data puzzles. Call it that.
  • I’m having bad bad sleep troubles all week. What happens physically when you don’t get enough sleep? Do you die?
  • I found an easy commute route. It takes me through a pretty, wetlands area – near the airport . . . pristine black pavement with bright clear lines cut through trees and grasses and lake and marsh. Planes approach and depart over head. Few people take this route. There are long straight stretches, fast open hauls.
  • There have already been some seriously beautiful days here in Triangle. When I step outside the birds are singing.
  • I’m getting nerdy with scripting at night and on weekends. The little squiggles are doing what I want em to do and that’s pretty neato.
  • I’m trying to keep up with my crime shows, but it’s a big task.
  • I share an office with a guy, my cell mate. Some days it’s very quiet all day, some days we are chatty cathy’s. My cell mate was laid off from his last job, so he’s on a crusade now at this job. He’s a sickening do-gooder . . .volunteering, big brother program, blah blah . . . .stays real late in the office blah blah . . .
  • A guy came into our office questioning the smarts of another guy, so right away (mentally) I questioned the questioner’s smarts. And my own of course. And after he left, I mentioned a thing and talked about the wrong thing, and realized I was having two different conversations with my cell mate because of my case of the stupids. I’m dumb usually, but I can bring great focus when I feel like it. I did a data puzzle that everybody else had abandoned because it’s hard like a mother fucker, and one of the chiefs had to pound my fist over the whole thing giving me the tingly feel-goods.
  • The songs of the day are as follows:

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5 Responses to First day of spring. Ring a ding ding.

  1. You can’t die from lack of sleep. I looked that one up for myself.

  2. 63mago says:

    CCR ? Heavens …

  3. We share the same problem — lack of sleep. I say let’s simply embrace the painful process of Aging. 🙂

    You are happier at your new job. That’s great great news.

    • HappyApathy says:

      I have to adjust my schedule around – not only the lack of sleep, but the poor performance due to lack of sleep. I have to do more brain dead stuff when I’m so sleep deprived like that. If I do more mentally demanding stuff, I always end up with more errors and grief.

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