tumbling as usual through space and time toward my personal endpoint, my death

I submitted my resume to a contractor website, and they called me. They have two prospects that they like me for. They sent my resume to them. One prospect is a company that does railroad software and data — this would be neato. Lately, for some reason, I find myself sitting at my computer watching youtube videos of trains. Not sure why. I just like doing that . . . watchin youtube videos of trains and streaming ambient music. . . deep mega chillin in that way.

The other prospect is a company that makes synthetic corks for wine. They operate on three different continents, so they really mean business I guess. Hey: At least it ain’t screw-caps my friends . . . but . . . I’ll drink anything that ain’t nailed down . . . pretty much . . . as long as it doesn’t cause blindness.

Lately I’ve felt a major void that nothing seems to fill. I’m sick of cable tv. I’m sick of the internet. I’m sick of tech learnin. I’m sick of blogging. So in a few minutes, I am going to fill that void with beer.

I’m storing all this tension in my left inner thigh. Not sure why. My left leg is my clutch jamming leg. Maybe that has something to do with it. But – it’s just a tension there – and I can’t stretch it out or massage it out or meditate it out or otherwise disperse it.


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5 Responses to tumbling as usual through space and time toward my personal endpoint, my death

  1. I find myself staring at the walls and the ceiling these days. It’s cold in the morning.
    Cheers. I’m drinking lemon water. Very dull.

  2. There are days when all I ever want is to simply curl up in bed. Whoever said life is nice and easy…

    I know how it feels.
    Take care.

  3. twaldron2014 says:

    Good luck on the job prospects. I hit that same sense of blaaaahhhness right after surviving the holidays. Discovered that beer is a good option (always, for almost anything).

  4. 63mago says:

    Is trainspotting the answer ?

  5. I know the feeling. Hang in there.

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