The weather outside is de-frightful.

It’s 1:14am as I type this. It’s snowing like crazy outside, so work will be called off tomorrow . .  . here in ill-equipped Raleigh.

I have a phone interview Tuesday — doing better data stuff …at some company …via a contractor …it’s 40 minutes away to the east.

I can’t sleep. I conked out super early – 7:45pm, and the impending day off is exciting and fun in my mind. But I’ll probably just do boring nerdy stuff all day.

Last weekend, I was messing with Python again, and I downloaded this thing called  Tweepy. I was able to log my Python session on to Twitter, and I had tweets from the main big Twitter public timeline flow — flooding down my screen – it was crazy. Every single tweet entered in the whole world that had the word . .  . ‘car’… in it, say….or whatever. You can do all kinds of parameters with this code, by user name, by groups, hashtags, by date/time I guess, many at once — whatever. Anyway, I had to stop my flow, because it would have gotten too huge -within minutes- and crashed something. I can definitely see how this would be fun and/or useful. Anyway…who cares…I do dammit…or I don’t.

I’m worried about a friend. I’m worried about a couple of friends.

I ordered a couple books and had em shipped to the respective correctional institutions. Because that’s how you have to do it. I guess that ensures that nothing bad is getting shipped in – if you have it sent straight from amazon or b&n.

Anyway, that’s about it.


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