Three Hour Drive

My youngest nephew got out of jail. The guy who brought the complaint – his story did not stand up too well in court. He gave nonsense answers or no answers at all . . .sat there mute at times . . .  and apparently, the judge started to get really pissed off. The case still must go to the next level. I guess once it’s been entered, it has to go there. The guy who brought the charges – I wonder if he gets in trouble for bring bogus charges. . . or if he’ll even show up . .. Contempt of court?

My nephew said jail wasn’t too bad. They put him in a cell with a kid who he actually used to skate with – – at Tony Hawk Foundation type of park. My nephew said he knew half the people in the jail – they were mostly from his neighborhood.

I’m driving up there in a little while to see him and my sis and bro-inlaw. The neighborhood scares me sometimes.

It’s only a three hour drive – instead of the twelve hour drive, I used to do from Florida.

And . . . I ain’t got no job currently . . . so . .  .screw it – might as well go up there and hang out a few days. I might hit some old haunts at night.


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2 Responses to Three Hour Drive

  1. At least he has friends there!

  2. 63mago says:

    Hmm … hope you managed to stay out of the can there. Seems to be easy to go in.

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