Probably Not Gonna Make It

I sat with this guy for two weeks while he showed me the data I was supposed to manage. He gave commentary as he raced through his usual data reporting schedule. He didn’t really train me, he just did his job as usual and talked kind of as he went, not really stopping…just saying over and over, “You’ll see what I mean later. You’ll see.” The data is a mess. There are all these free text fields where people are entering any kind of bullshit they feel the whimsy to enter. A big part of the job is fixing all that bad data. So I have to study the data and figure out what should not be there, and then I need to find a similar item somewhere in order to figure out what should be there. So much manual stuff. And with all this manual stuff, a lot of it was mentioned very quickly, in passing, maybe too quickly to write a note, I hope I remember that later... It’s a situation where you have to know it all or nothing, as far as the data. You have to know the business top to bottom in order to know what stats to combine, what stats need stuff need stuff taken out… I just didn’t get it fast enough. Yesterday was my first day on my own. Four or five people were already crawling all over me, asking me for the usual stuff that the guy puts out in his schedule. I didn’t have the first thing done. I was still figuring out data fixes. I left yesterday thinking I wouldn’t go back. I woke up at 2:30 am with heartburn and worry. I am going to go in there crazy early I guess. Crazy crazy early. I would have gone in already, but I didn’t want somebody to call the cops on me, thinkin I’m a prowler…being there at three in the morning or some shit. So I’m sitting here typing this crap…skin crawling with worry. You’d think I’d get it after two weeks, but…nah….didn’t get it…not quickly enough I guess.


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3 Responses to Probably Not Gonna Make It

  1. Blue290 says:

    With me be totally clueless on what you need to accomplish on your reports, is there anyway to break them down into smaller chunks? I find if you can it makes it a little easier to wrap your head around.
    Otherwise, drink. Drink more.

  2. Sounds like a sucky trainer.

  3. 63mago says:

    Doesn’t sound like training, more like “sit there, be quiet & fix me a coffee”. I’d simply use the guy’s templates or whatever and fill in the new new numbers to get rid of people – and then start to work through this whole thing. I mean there must be a list or something of what are operating numbers, key figures or however you call this (“Kennzahlen” in German) in this database and how to get them. And then it’s clean-up.
    Reminds me of library catalogues I saw, where every now and then new people wrote something in, mostly with no idea what should be written in this field, why & what for. They were never told, it was never properly explained to them.
    Good luck ! And try not to internalise this nonsense. You just shovel the shit, you did not shit on the heap, I guess.

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