A View of the Creek

It’s too bad that the place where I work is a workplace. It’s more like a State Park. It looks like a nature preserve. It has hiking/biking trails and cute little foot-bridges. Nearby are sand volleyball courts, basketball courts, soccer fields …ALSO: a frisbie golf course. So this is the kind of stuff they use to lure the tech worker kiddos… I’m in Building Four of my particular company (that’s building four out of fourteen or fifteen buildings -or, I don’t even know how many). There are two cafeterias that I’ve seen so far for our company, I’m sure there are more. I went to the cafeteria in Building Five and bought a club sandwich that ended up being dreadful: stale bread, and the turkey tasted funny. I feel old here, but I am anonymous –so who cares– lost in a crowded cubicle universe . . . I got my data sets that I manage . . . I’m near a window with a great view of a creek . . . the sun shines in brightly in the afternoon. I really shouldn’t complain.


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5 Responses to A View of the Creek

  1. Blue290 says:

    I get mad at myself for complaining. I have a window to one of the downtown parks, catches the sunsets…..but there is something missing. If you follower twitter, “Meeting Boy” shares our issues.

  2. Blue290 says:

    With an adjacent wet bar.

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