neglecting his blog again

Love ya’s! You four or five out there who read this sometimes. The new work is requiring lots of energy and time so I’ve been blog lazy. There’s a bit of a curve to get over, and then I’ll have this entire job automated, and I’ll be able to blog full time again.

I’m in Walmart right now thumb Swyping this post.

Something smells.


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5 Responses to neglecting his blog again

  1. Bowrag says:

    I am still here.

  2. MrJohnson says:

    How dare you neglect your blog. What other reason do you have to live?

  3. one of my favorite bloggers got a full time job and we never heard from her again!

  4. A job is going to screw up your blog persona. “They” don’t let you be apathetic. Keep writing!

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