I’ll have to dance for it.

It looks like the only solution to my problem is this: Walk out into the parking lot at lunch, turn my car stereo up full blast, and dance my heart out right there . . . with all the coworkers coming and going . . .

I worked two days so far at the new place of employment. Many of the people there seem really cold and indifferent. I mean: you walk right by a person in a hallway, or in a breakroom — and there’s nobody else around — it’s just you two — the person is two feet away from you. They don’t even look at you. They walk on by. They don’t say a word. Of course they know there was a fellow human there. . . or, at least, a human shaped blob in their peripheral vision. So – they glanced at you, for a split second….assured themselves that you are not a person that they know…and they decided to not even acknowledge you.

Okay. Fine.

I’m not going to force it. I’m just going to have to get out in that parking lot during my lunch hour and dance my ass off. My car stereo will be heard…two…three lots over. I will be seen by hundreds of people. I will become famous at this company. Infamous. You see: I can’t dance at all. But that is beside the point. That is the point. In this type of environment, I must get out there and radically express my originality and win people over with my wack.

Seriously: I understand the nature of the situation. This company has over 3,000 people. There are twelve or thirteen buildings. It’s like you’re in a big city. Everybody you pass on a sidewalk in a big city is not going to say hi.

The majority of these people are twenty-somethings. They don’t wanna talk to old people.

And I understand the nature of the technology industry and demographics. Young people:They learn, they adapt and they adopt new complex things at a crazy pace. Lots of young people are whiz bang technology workers. That becomes the culture of technology companies. That becomes the standard. (I wonder how many age discrimination cases big technology companies face….) Not all 3,000 of these youngsters are whiz bang 100 hour-per-week genius fanatical technology geeks. Some of them are just young. They’re just young and that’s it. They socialize at work, mostly, and complain; they watch the clock and wait to go home. I’m really going to have to dance for it now. Of course, most everything I’ve just written here is horse shit. And the usual caveat applies, who cares.


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5 Responses to I’ll have to dance for it.

  1. Bowrag says:

    Dancing with car stereo blasting may not have intent you are hoping for! Haha! I moved to a new place about 4 years ago. It was bland, quiet, cold. I would pass people and get the same response you are getting. I decided to change it. I forced people to talk to me. I didnt give them a chance to walk by. I started small, just asked their name, etc… Found out something about them. Remembered it. Brought it up next time i passed them. It was a lot of hard work. But now the building is fun, laughter, efficient, a good place to work. I cant take all the credit! Others started doing what i did. It spread.

  2. 63mago says:

    What kind of music will you use ?

    Happy New Year and all !

  3. I used to eat lunch in my car…but I never danced. I would say hi, though.

  4. Blue290 says:

    Channel your inner Kevin Bacon.

  5. Georgia Lee says:

    Boy do I get this – I’m learning Burlesque – the 20-somethings don’t even know what it is!

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