The crotch of my pants held together! Bravely!!

That’s the second time I interviewed at a technology giant this month. I went to a Siemens thing couple of weeks ago, and today I went to a company that rhymes with Nabisco (paranoid about name droppin…superstitious…being stupid…blahblah…who knows what they be googlin’…who knows/cares).

I can’t complain about not getting the interviews. RTP is fertile ground. These positions seem to be mine to lose –in a way. I’m sure that they are interviewing loads and loads of candidates before and after me. . . but I think I’m doing okay. When in doubt, when paralyzed at an awkward pause: deliver a humorous or heroic anecdote about a time when a thing you did saved the day or whatever — try to relate it to whatever bullshit thing they just asked ya…if ya remember what they asked ya. Tell em how great you are. That’s why you’re there. Sometimes I get going with my mouth so fast and heavy and upbeat and raving, I forget what the hell they asked me. But who cares. I sounded good, I think. My voice volume went up and I appeared passionate…or something (crazed…disoriented…something). I think I stayed on topic mostly. We’ll see. Who knows. Who cares. I am so jacked up right now, wow. I need to read up on interviewing. I need to watch videos on interviewing. I don’t think I’m doing it right — and I’m trying to get through on sheer heart (and the ability to go super-duper into detail when not asked to do so…). And that ain’t quite working. Not quite. Not yet. Tomorrow I get my new suit back from teh tailor. My hair is buzzed up and hardcore lookin. A new year is dawning. New Years: Soon I shall light my fuse and take off like a rocket.


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5 Responses to The crotch of my pants held together! Bravely!!

  1. Be yourself. Nothing is worse than canned responses. Or questions…”what are your strengths and weaknesses?” Gag.

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