They told me my blood pressure was high.

I’ve heard it before: “Your blood pressure is a little high.” A nurse practitioner told me to keep a blood pressure journal one time. I didn’t stick with it, and the next time she saw me, my blood pressure was at a normal level. So she didn’t press the issue. From what I understand of what she said, your pressure needs to be consistently high before they start trying to treat you for it . . .or something . . . She was glad to hear that I had cut back on my smoking . .. which was mostly true.

My weight goes up and down within a thirty pound range. My weight went way down in 2011, when a bunch of life stuff happened and I picked smoking back up. I wasn’t ‘in shape,’ I was just thinner than usual.

The last time I was in pretty good shape was probably 2008. I was going to a YMCA a few times a week. I would do 45 minutes on a treadmill and then 45 on an arc trainer or an elliptical . . .and sometimes, some weight machines. I wasn’t over there with the muscle heads grunting and screaming in front of the mirrors, but . . .  Also: I was playing some pickup soccer, so I was doing pretty well. I still had some fat on me, I was eating too much. That’s the sucky thing about exercising. You use up so much energy, you end up eating like a pig. Anyway, I will end this post like I end so many: Who cares. I’m in terrible shape right now. Who cares. I need to go for a walk. So should you, why not . . .


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4 Responses to They told me my blood pressure was high.

  1. Just as they put the cuff on you, take a deep breath and exhale slowly for the duration of the test. Works for me.

  2. 63mago says:

    Lost pretty much weight over the last months mostly due to stress, but better eating habits (no junk food at all, few meat, regularity what means eating only in a certain time window) all helped.
    BTW I was diagnosed with high blood pressure (Hypertonie) at 21, when I was in very good shape and ready to join the military. I did not understand it, asked the doc & he saied “It’s just in your blue-print, nothing you can do ; we just can regulate it.” And that’s what I am doing ever since, beta-blockers are my friends.

  3. HappyApathy says:

    My blue print has lots of flaws. Another concern for me is gum disease. That’s been my steady fight for a few years now.

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