What business would you start?

Now and then I consider it, and I once blogged it: What type of business would I start? I usually think about this stuff when I am between jobs and job prospects start to seem gloomy. So, what would I do?

  • Storage – This is always on my list near the top. You can rent a little warehouse for about the same amount as it costs to rent a one bedroom apartment (last time I made such a comparison it was like that anyway). My latest enhancement to this business plan is to build crates. I would store people’s stuff in crates. Like if the person didn’t want to rent a full storage unit, but they still wanted to store some stuff, I would crate it up and store it for them in a little rinky-dink warehouse. It would be great to do this near a college campus or a military base — a place where the people are constantly moving in and out. I would store stuff for businesses too. Files and all kinds of stuff. They have to retain that crap for a certain amount of time.
  • Websites – Yes, it is a flooded market . . . BUT: How often do you see a really crummy website? I see crummy websites every single day. Small local businesses often have crummy websites. Bars, restaurants, what have ya . . . I would throw up a website — similar to theirs, but ten times better — with sample content – to have it ready to show them. Just be like, “Your website sucks, man. Here’s one that I have created that I could plug your content into — and I can hand over the keys…like…tomorrow. I’ll even handle the hosting hassles for you.” .  . . I mean: I don’t need to tell you how easy it is to create a website . . .and yet . . . for some reason, businesses still have crummy websites. It’s just one more thing they don’t feel like dealing with I guess.
  • A concierge service for oldsters – I even have a cool name for this one, “Cheap car, cheap driver.” I would run errands for people who can’t get out and about so well anymore. Grocery runs, that sort of thing.
  • Sell stuff. First example: Water. When I lived in DC, I used to go down to the National Mall all of the time to play pickup soccer and hang out in the Smithsonians. There was a guy I saw there every weekend who sold bottled water for a dollar a pop. He would go to Walmart or Costco or whatever and buy it in bulk, and then he’d sit in a little chair next to the sidewalk with a cooler. I bought water from him, and I saw a lot of people buying from him. He would sell until he ran out. How easy is that!?!?!
  • Sell stuff. Second example: Buy stuff at yard sales and sell it at flea markets.
  • Start my own temp agency. I have been in enough of these places to know how they work. They crop up and fold all the time. How bad could I be at it? Could I do any worse than some of the other ones out there?
  • A used furniture store near a college campus – I wouldn’t sell fabric stuff that collects germs and dust and bad stuff, just, like: tables, chairs, desks, bookcases, maybe leather couches or fake leather or vinyl or whatever. I would sell other collegey crap too, frisbies, hacky-sacks, sandles, fuckit: water bongs the whole nine…whatever. I would rent the space out for art shows for students and whatever. Bands. Anything. Rent a space. Rent it out to somebody else for some purpose, who cares.
  • A cell phone re-seller.
  • An insurance re-seller.
  • I worked for a guy who bought a PAKMAIL franchise. The package stuff up and ship it for people. With the franchise, he was basically buying a listing of shipping contacts. He had that racket going, and he also hired college kids to do small business and apartment moves. He had a couple trucks. He also rented a warehouse and stored people’s crap, but he did furniture deliveries for a local fancy shmancy furniture store. Smart!
  • Write stuff – WordPress pays me five dollars per word, so . . . you know . .. .I could dedicate all my time to that . . .

WordPress pays you guys too right?


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5 Responses to What business would you start?

  1. Rent a Christmas Dumpster for those who have too much as is.

    • HappyApathy says:

      I heard of some people who drive around behind the really richie rich people’s houses in Tampa/St Pete collecting the furniture and stuff that those people throw out. They resell it out of a little shop and do pretty well apparently.

  2. 63mago says:

    I’m doing genealogical research and starve in luxury.

    • HappyApathy says:

      Can I be your assistant genealogical researcher?

      • 63mago says:

        Why not ? Let’s seperate the world: I do the German / Bavarian / Franconian side, the rest is all yours. Especially the Americas.
        Seriously – it seems to be a lot more digitized in the US than elsewhere. Part of the job is to find & locate your sources, only then one can get access and use them.
        I also read old handwritings and can help to date photographs. If you know someone who can’t read great-grandma’s letters, because they are in a foreign language and strangely written – here we are.

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