Small Company or Large?

Give me a large company to work in, definitely. There are more opportunities for advancement at a larger company, and if you don’t like where you’re working, you can apply internally: new job, same company, different department. Then, you still might see people you hate from that department you left, but now you can be extra cold and rude to them, and you get to demonstrate how much happier you are with your new coworkers, really overdoing it on the laughter and horseplay in the halls — the buddy-pal type shit when you are in view of the old department staffers. At the company’s holiday party, Look how wasted I’m getting with the new cool people I work with.

I have worked at companies that were pretty big, and it seemed like there were always new faces. Even when I thought I knew all the faces in the building, some department would do some hiring, and there would be a new person who you’d run into where ever: getting coffee, hanging in the break room, standing at the printer. It’s a good chance to make a new friend because they are trapped in the building with you. “Would you be my friend? Would you be my friend? Would you be my friend? Would you be my friend?” Pretty soon they give in.


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