Two Ommissions

We made our Christmas list, and there were two very painful omissions. They were from my side of the family. I can’t send stuff to these two dudes, not very easily anyway – not directly. I can put money on their canteen accounts. I can write letters to them. I heard I might be able to send books to one of them, straight from Amazon. One of them keeps getting moved around so much, I’m not even sure how to reach out to him. The websites with the information for these places where these guys are being held: they are horrible. The instructions are not clear at all.

We have been hustling around so much lately: getting settled into the new place; looking for jobs; Christmas shopping for those in the free world . . . and now I’m sitting here typing a blog post about all of this.

In the move, I may have misplaced some contact info.

Today I have no interviews, no car registration stuff, no nothing on the schedule. I need to dig out the contact information and write some quick letters to these two dudes – re-establish contact and make sure they know where I am now. One of them, I heard, has had a major deterioration in ‘positive mental attitude.’ That disturbs me the most. He was doing really well before.


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2 Responses to Two Ommissions

  1. Blue290 says:

    Not liking their situation…just the fact you choose this as a form of preparation and therapy.

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