I have successfully blocked all thoughts.

. . . except for all the ones that slip through. The brain just doesn’t stop. I’ve seen writers try to calculate how many thoughts occur per minute…per day…blah blah…but: Where does one thought end and another begin. The only person who is going to count my thoughts is me, and even I am not going to do it.

There are so many thoughts to ignore. Too many. I just try to think about my breathin or something.

I read a book one time, it was some kind of self help book for anxiety I think. Basically, the book said to look at the thoughts running through your mind as though they were the cars of a train. Each train car is of a certain type: a coal car, a tanker, a flat car…blah blah blah. Same with your thoughts: One thought is a memory, one is an assessment, one is an emotion, and so on. But the point is: who cares?

I just felt like posting something. WordPress has been pulling at my brain lately.

WordPress is probably one of the things I should be ignoring.


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4 Responses to I have successfully blocked all thoughts.

  1. Blue290 says:

    Think of WordPress as an X-Box. You control the playing field. As opposed to TV where you sit and breath…and blink. And Facebook is not always the best time killer. It’s TV with Cat videos and Farmville requests. A @#$^%& load of Farmville requests….(No…I’m not giving you my damn blue cow)

  2. HappyApathy says:

    Blogging is definitely the medium with most potential, in all kinds of ways. Many to many eyes. Many to many words. What if everybody in the world blogged three times a day – and we all read three new blogs a day.

  3. 63mago says:

    I have no self-help books. Montaigne on the other hand …

    • HappyApathy says:

      Self improvement is a fun hobby sometimes. I compare it to building little toy scale models when I was a kid. I glued together all these little pieces of cars and looked at them a while — and then on Fourth of July, I blew them up with firecrackers.

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