Incredible Accomplishments

  • The only thing I accomplished last week was applying for a North Carolina drivers license.
  • I had an interview, but I almost hope I don’t get the job because it will suck out my soul. I’ll have to give my all to it, all of my all. I’m not sure I’m up for it.
  • I almost went to the UU Church today, but couldn’t quite get it together. Maybe I’ll become a bar fly instead.
  • We gathered items to include in gift packages for family. There’s still some work to do on it, but we should have some fun and goofy gifts for all concerned. And that feels good. Some years I don’t do shit for gifts, and I end up feeling crummy about it.
  • The neighbor upstairs is super loud and crazy; and I’ve complained already. He is always playing some video game, and he has a major speaker system. Every time he gets blown up or blows something up, it sounds like a real explosion happening upstairs. It sounds like a plane missed the nearby airport and landed on our building instead. Every night, for about four or five hours, there is the steady rumble of bass vibrating our ceiling. Either that, or we hear him screaming at somebody on his phone, his girlfriend we think.
  • I haven’t been getting out much at all.
  • The trip to Michigan was cool. It’s always good to see another part of the country. I was okay in the cold surprisingly.



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2 Responses to Incredible Accomplishments

  1. 63mago says:

    I think there are no dumb thoughts. It’s a giant thinking machine, burbles up whatever is in there, some of the power can be used and we can “think bout” something, otherwise it’s burbling again.
    I have no clue about Michigan – it could also be the moon.
    When you become a barfly, do you have to fight, do that Mickey Rourke boxing thing ? Or is it that Chinasky “My socks are rotten” affaire ? Questions …

    • HappyApathy says:

      I try to avoid the fightin bars, ha. It’s funny, this morning I woke up thiking about that Bukowski guy – all the jobs he took..and the way he just banged out all those pages between his misadventures. I hate the way he treated women. Come to think of it, I hate the way Micky Rourke treated women too. Chinasky? That will require a google. Michigan is the moon in a lot of ways. It’s very cold there.

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