Run them over.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Not for Thee

The questionable advice I that received was from my drivers education instructor:

If somebody is trying to get into your car, run them over.

When Coach first uttered this statement, I wondered if it was good advice. Even at that young age -when I was still forming my personal moral system and my code of conduct, this seemed like questionable advice. I mean: He was the football coach, he was my wrestling coach and my gym teacher and my drivers ed teacher and my role model, but: Was he being a bit extreme? I do not recall seeing this advice in any of the literature.

I have driven through neighborhoods that scared me late at night…many times…for various reasons or lacks of reasons. I have been in my car and caught glimpses of people walking nearby in traffic or on the sidewalk eyeballing me. I thought back on Coach’s advice each time I found myself in a situation like that.

Coach gave me exact, step-by-step instruction on how to parallel park. I’m an expert at it now. Coach left the “run them over” advice kind of open-ended and vague. He did not give  exact instructions for this. Should I cut the wheel and throw it in reverse and side-swipe the person? Should I back straight up and then throw it in drive and accelerate straight at them? Can I quote the coach on this piece of advice when I am sitting in a courtroom?

“Coach said run ’em over!”


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