New Career, Terminated Marriage

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “An Extreme Tale.”

My marriage ended, and at the same time, my new career began. I drank daily, I drank hard. I studied daily, I studied hard. I socialized hard. I had to meet new people, it seemed more important than ever. I don’t know if I ever really slept. I still had the hour commute (one way), the result of a geographic compromise that had been made a few years earlier with the ex: We lived halfway between her work and my work. I was learning a new language, the language of technology. I often worked well into the night. I often drank well into the morning. I picked up smoking again.

I was trying to cling to the progress I had made before all this – in a prior devoted self-helpy spiritual quest, but I was losing ground. The safe, sane and spiritually grounded grounds that I did manage to hold – it was a life-saving sanctuary for me. If I hadn’t undergone practices and measures of improving my Awareness and Presence before this crazy confluence of life forces slammed into me, I don’t know if I would have come through it. I was fighting for my sanity and my future. I used every bit of horse power I had only recently added on. There was also this writer thing – the voice inside that demanded to be heard and splayed out onto paper – cracks in the sidewalk would definitely fill with weeds and words. Walls would be spray-painted. Stickers needed sticking. Pamphlets needed distribution.

It was everything. It was all the time. It was all at once.


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It eels what it eels.
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3 Responses to New Career, Terminated Marriage

  1. You did come through it.
    Excellently written — with a punchy ending. I need not remind that you are a wonderful writer; you already know that.

  2. Great post! Love the honesty, lack of pretense – the allusions to spiritual quests that we try and fail. my only question is how do you drink hard and
    go to work everyday?

    • HappyApathy says:

      Somehow I managed, I’m not sure how. I took a lot of Toyota naps during lunch, in the parking lot of this little library near work. Things have calmed down a lot since then, thank goodness.

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