And for my next CRIMINAL act . . .

. . . actually, a friend of mine joked that as long as you hung around with me, you’d never get injured or get arrested. It’s true I guess.

So why have I directed your attention here to this blog? My brain is racing this morning, and I have some points that I desperately need to touch on:

  • I am assuming that many of the companies out there are still working on their budgets, and that is why none of them has hired me yet.
  • My brain feels like one of these toys.
  • My body feels like one of these toys.
  • The lack of structure in my life is definitely having an impact.
  • I feel a feeling like a pain but it’s not a pain.
  • I’m not much fun lately.
  • I am losing my people skills.
  • I never have had great people skills to begin with.
  • Soon I will drive to Michigan, tomorrow or the next day.
  • I am fully aware that not many people will read this.
  • I’m wondering if I should create a link to this blog from my old blog — let the rest of those people know I’m over here now . . . or if I should just delete that blog (and this blog).
  • This blog has no real purpose. I just need to type stuff.
  • There are many blogs out there with a purpose.
  • In case you didn’t know, there are rules and key status indicators for blogging.
  • I sorted through some old papers, and it stirred up a lot of dust and other stuff.
  • I am sorting through my old iPod and it is stirring up a lot of dust and other stuff.

This concludes this update, and I will probably delete this post very soon.


About HappyApathy

It eels what it eels.
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3 Responses to And for my next CRIMINAL act . . .

  1. Blue290 says:

    Don’t you dare leave me (us) dammit. YOU. ARE. NOT. ALONE. 😛

    • HappyApathy says:

      Ha, ok, will not delete blog. Might delete this post though, the map imbed took over the down arrow control, yikes.

      I hovered over the delete button many times on my old blog…never could do it.

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