Random Thought List

  • When my brain does not send me a blog post, it at least sends me a group of list items.
  • I am flirting with agoraphobia. I spent all those months working from home, and now
    I don’t work at all. I am getting so used to just staying in all the time.
  • The sounds from the airport sometimes reach us, and sometimes they do not. We
    speculate that moisture in the air has something to do with it.
  • I saw three cars driving around in the nearby graveyard the other night.
  • This area where we live: It is so pristine! Everything is so new here, not just our
    home, but all the shops and restaurants and everything around here.
  • This area where we live: It is on the gnawing edge of the greater metropolitan area.
    They are still building, the metro is creeping out into the countryside. If you go
    into a restaurant at lunch time around here, it’s either full of tech nerds who work
    in the brand new office parks nearby, or it’s full of the construction workers who are
    building the office parks nearby.
  • I have an interview at a Home Depot Tuesday. Why not. It will be something
    different. Maybe it could turn into something. It would at least bring some cash in. The hours would be such that I could still apply and interview for data nerd jobs sometimes too.
  • Some dude in a bar gave me a business card from some recruiter. The dude drank about twenty drinks while he sat there next to me. He manages a team of data nerds. I don’t think I have enough cred for this recruiter he hipped me to.
  • A nearby neighbor screams at his girlfriend on the phone very often.
  • I shed some junk during this move, some old papers and stuff. I tossed some
    dreadful old writing notes, but I kept some crazy doodles . . . too bad the scanner’s not hooked up yet.

About HappyApathy

It eels what it eels.
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6 Responses to Random Thought List

  1. You are fond of the bullet. Can I guess where you live?

  2. What do you do? I know peeps there. Programmer types.

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