Cable TV. First time in ten years.

Wow. The history channel sure has changed a lot.

Why have I gone so long without cable? You pay to watch loads and loads of commercials, that’s why. For a while, I was on Netflix streaming only. I did that for three years, and that was pretty much enough for me. Before that, I was too busy reading tech-nerd crap or spiritual/self-help crap – too busy to watch TV usually. I only watched TV occasionally: PBS, CBS 60 minutes, CBS Sunday Morning — stuff like that on regular TV.

I’m not sure why we ended up getting cable when we moved here to the new place. I think we just kind of let it happen. We let them sell it to us. We’re both unemployed, so, there is plenty of time to get lost in murder shows, survival shows, ghost shows, ancient alien history shows, classic movies, blah blah blah.

I will probably binge and binge and binge. Already, my WordPress habit is dropping off. I am hopeless.


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2 Responses to Cable TV. First time in ten years.

  1. MrJohnson says:

    For some weird reason I miss commercials and channel surfing. I think I was happier then.

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