Soundtrack? For me?

Today’s WordPress writing prompt is Cue the Violins:

If your life were a movie, what would its soundtrack be like? What songs, instrumental pieces, and other sound effects would be featured on the official soundtrack album?

I don’t know. This is the most recent playlist I created. I wouldn’t get it right, the soundtrack for my life. People I meet mostly dislike my taste in music. As a matter of fact, sometimes I look at some of CDs I have, and even I don’t like them anymore. I am fickle. I am curious, and I explore a lot of types of music. I fall in love with something, but then I move on quickly.

I mean: There is some music that I like that I know is good: I love Led Zeppelin. I like the jazz greats: Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Ahmad Jamal, John Coltrane, Billie Holliday, Anita O’Day, Sarah Vaughan and so on. This guy from Brazil, Caetano Veloso, is my favorite singer.

Do any of these songs define me? Does any group of these songs define my life musically? If it was up to me, the soundtrack to my life would have to include some of this and a lot of stuff like this, sorry about that. Clearly, I would not get it right.

If somebody decided to make a movie about my life, it would probably happen after I die. Someone else would have to pick the songs. I have no idea how someone would look at my life and pick a soundtrack.

Maybe there are some events that have yet to happen in my life — that will determine my soundtrack.

By HappyApathy

It eels what it eels.

3 replies on “Soundtrack? For me?”

Maybe there are a couple of songs you love much, or played an important part in your life (first dance at prom, first kiss those clichés can help you think an come up with songs you’ve forgotten about). It’s okay to pick a lot of different songs since you’ve changed and your taste in music changed with you apparently.

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