Welcome to your new home. NOW DRIVE FASTER!

They drive fast here too. Any hope of driving at a sane speed without somebody up my ass is gone. I have not discovered a driver harmony paradise.

I mean: I speed. Always. I am usually five to ten miles per hour over the limit and accelerating at any given time. Then, when I see a column of cars accumulating ahead, I slow down and fall in and abide a safe distance behind the guy in front of me. The guy in front of me could come to a full stop in a split second, as though he suddenly struck an 80 ton boulder, and was dead in his tracks, and I would still have plenty of space to stop.

This is not good enough for some asshole drivers out there. I still get em up my butt, with my somewhat brisk and orderly driving style.

Tailgating is what finally got me to deal with my anger issue. I’m being serious: I started reading my first anger management book after a day when a few instances of tailgating got me so rattled that I stayed rattled. But what happened was, I dealt with almost all the other anger issues in my life, but this tailgating thing still gets to me. I’ve gotten pretty good at dealing with anger, in almost any situation, except for in this one thing. It still bugs the shit out of me.


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4 Responses to Welcome to your new home. NOW DRIVE FASTER!

  1. Didn’t they learn the 2 second rule in high school? I’m with you, I hate tailgaters.

  2. 63mago says:

    It’s damn dangerous and I hate it. In earlier days I now and then tipped the braking pedal, now I sometimes slam it a bit, good for the veins.

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