A Regular at Bones & Narble

I’ve been to the nearby Barnes & Noble four times in the last four days. The staff there will probably start giving me ‘the look.’ The look of disdain, I mean. Probably I am imagining it, and mostly I don’t care, but there is a certain treatment or attitude shown to ‘regulars’ at Barnes & Noble.

I remember seeing this same elderly guy, all the time, at this one B&N I used frequent in Virginia Beach. He went in there to go to sleep every day I think. I passed that location every day before work, and I saw him waiting in his car for the place to open. Sometimes I saw workers there treat him very kindly, sometimes… not very.

The B&N near Metro Center in DC usually had a whole section of guys sleeping in the chairs there. I’m trying to remember, but I don’t think I ever saw anybody get kicked out of there.

I used to go in this one B&N in Chesapeake stoned out of my mind, every friggin day. God, I’m sure I reeked of weed in there, you could smell it across the store probably. …long time agooo….


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9 Responses to A Regular at Bones & Narble

  1. MrJohnson says:

    Haha…ya I guess you would get some looks after a while. If had to go somewhere to read or sleep, I think I will choose the library.

  2. Lori D says:

    I used to go to Borders once a week. No one recognizes you at just once a week, but I’d stay for hours reading. I rarely bought books because I’d just read where I left off from the week before and finish entire novels that way. I wonder how much longer B&N will be around.

  3. 63mago says:

    Now that you mention it I realise that I have not been in a bookshop for years.

    • HappyApathy says:

      Do you go to the library, or you get your books online?

      • 63mago says:

        No money to buy books. The university library is a twenty minute’s walk away. The decision to move to this village is partly due to the close neighbourhood to my most important tool.
        Most of the books I’m interested in are out of print or historical, so this is the right address for me ; specialised literature in my field is too expensive to buy for a private person anyway. Using a computer on the campus I can access specialised databases from publishers and the academic open-access things for free. Many people forget that the university library is a public library, free of charge for people living here (one has not to be a member of the university to use it), and it has a special mission to collect literature out of and about Franconia (“Sammlungsauftrag”).
        What I miss is the possibility to fossick around – there is a nice bookshop in town that has in its cellar large open tables with Remittenden / returns & stamped books – those where the fixed price is not longer valueable, for what reasons ever. There was always something to discover.
        Generally I prefer a printed book over reading on a screen, but I see and use the advantages of the latter.

  4. HappyApathy says:

    How big is that library that you go to? That sounds great!

    The new city I moved to has some pretty good libraries.

  5. 63mago says:

    The library now holds circa 3,4 mio items and some thousand journals, here is a link to its history. It dates from 1619 and is not very large, compared to the BSB in Munich for example ; it’s also not that prestigious like, the HAB in Wolfenbuettel, which is remarkably smaller, but holds very exquisite things. It’s a normal, academic working library. I wrote about the “Zimelien” we have here.
    I use it for more than thirty years & should have received a golden watch, but the buggers refused it.

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