Two Paintings

The WordPress daily writing prompt today is By Hand. The prompt instructions are:

What’s the best present you’ve ever received that was handmade by the giver, not store-bought? Tell us what made it so special.

I met Joe through blogging eleven years ago. Joe wrote these high impact poems that had a lot of heart, and I started commenting on them all the time. I wrote crazy comments in his windows. I tried to extend his thought in the comment window, or respond with how I felt, my reactions to his poems.

Joe started coming to my blog and responding to the things that I wrote. There were so many other people I remember from that time, who I blogged with, who were writing wild and wonderful stuff, fearless. It was punk. It was hip hop. It was drugs. It was sex. It was poverty, hustle, STYLE, displacement, HOAX, prank, goof, hardcore; it was attitude. It was philosophy. It was art. It was commonality. It was politics. It was love. There were a bunch of us crazies gettin lit up out there on the lines, it was a wild tribe.

We had us a community. Joe is my lasting friend from that community.

This community – this was back in 2003, and it lasted a few years. It seemed like there were so many people sharing such insane and brilliant and gripping insights and keyhole peeks into their worlds and thoughts. Poems, essays, fiction, facts, nonfiction, science fiction – all of it. It was quite a wild gang.

This guy Joe – he also paints. As a matter of fact, I think painting is his main thing. Well, we kept in touch. He sent me two paintings he created – he sent them to me as wedding presents back in 2008. Without a doubt, these are the very best handmade gifts I have ever received, these wedding gifts from Joe. The marriage didn’t last, but I still have the paintings from Joe (packed safely in boxes, somewhere, I’m moving tomorrow).

Every time I look at the paintings, my brain churns with activity. There is so much going on in these paintings. Every time I look at them, something new happens in my head. Each form in the painting represents so much, and the style of it – it’s soooo Jooooe.

I would post pictures of them, but I’m not sure if that’s cool – and they’re packed away.

I still keep in touch with Joe. I should send him a text right now.

By HappyApathy

It eels what it eels.

3 replies on “Two Paintings”

This is so cool. Thanks for sharing it. To me, I’d rather get something like that than anything costing money. Maybe Joe won’t mind you sharing those on your blog some day.

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