I know it’s a guard shack, but I could live in it.

All those windows! Plop this thing down in the middle of a forest; and put a futon in it; and paint it in a gleeful tone — and I’m home! Does it come with a PA system?

I know it’s a bread truck, but I could live in it.

Imagine waking up to the smell of fresh bread every day. And I would not paint over the logo either because sometimes I wonder. And I would continue the work of bread delivery in it. And does it have a PA system?

I know it’s an abandoned school in the rustbelt for sale on eBay, but I’d live in it!

I mean: LOOK AT THIS GYM! I’d shoot hoops every day.

PA system included? YOU KNOW IT.

I know it looks like an image of a massive warehouse superimposed on a backdrop of snow capped mountains for sale on eBay – probably constituting a massive fraud – but I’d live in it!

I would start the greatest clothing optional cult the Feds ever fired beanbag rounds at.

PA system and more!

So…where would you live? Do you want to join my cult?


About HappyApathy

It eels what it eels.
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2 Responses to CLOTHING OPTIONAL CULT …and more!!

  1. 63mago says:

    I just followed the links to ebay, I had no clue that one can buy a brick built house for threethousand dollares ! From your list I’d grab the bread-truck, and off I’d go …

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