Todays daily prompt is called  Oil, Meet Water, and it asks:

Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you? What makes it possible for you to get along?

I am closest to myself, but it often feels like there is more than one guy at the wheel. We HAVE to get along. We are trapped in the same body, but our motivations are very different.

There is the one guy inside me who wants to be a writer. He wants to ignore everything else in life and focus only on writing. Screw the job. Screw all the other life ambitions. Screw status.

And there is another guy in there too. He seems more ‘reasonable.’ This other guy says, “Hey man, you gotta pay some bills.” This other guy also says stuff like, “Hey man, everybody wants to be a writer. Good luck competing with everybody else in the world with an internet connection.”

Sometimes the two guys resolve their differences when one of them compromises and says, “Know what? I’ll just write some stuff…sometimes…on a blog…whenever I feel like it. It could be about anything. I don’t have to BE a writer, I can just write stuff sometimes.”

Am I in love with writing? Or am I in love with the idea of being a writer?


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  1. It’s the competition that sucks, man. Everybody wants to become a writer. With considerable practice, anyone can actually get better at this profession.

    If your imagination is that fecund and your passion for writing doesn’t waver (I have neither 🙂 ), then go for it. But as they say, it’s always smarter to keep a daytime job.

    • HappyApathy says:

      Hey you! You locked down! Can’t see your bloggins.

      That’s okay, I understand, I’ve been there too.

      I hope all’s well!

      • It makes me cringe thinking of the things I wrote in my blog. Ha ha! Well, it’s a memoir: So just imagine all the melodrama and the dirty laundry. 🙂

        I took a look at your other site from a different host: As cool as what you’ve got here. I’ll be reading more whenever I have time.

        I don’t see you commenting on Doobster’s blog. That’s where I found you first. It also took time before I got comfortable over there.

        I’m fine. Just busy. Hope you’re okay, too.

      • HappyApathy says:

        One time I started a blog called “Archive Cringe”

        I’m not joking. I know exactly what you mean. I look back on things I wrote nine or ten years ago and I cringe so bad.

        How long have you been into blogging? I know that with my other long-term blog, I went through so many phases with that one.

        You’re more than welcome here any time!

        Maybe I should catch up with Doobster’s blog. That’s a fun one. I’m not sure if I’m fun enough for the fun crowd though. I’m going through this job search stuff and I might seem a little glum with what I write over here.

        I wish I was busy! I have too much time.

        When life got to busy for me to keep up with blogging, I still stayed fairly active on twitter – 140 characters per post.

      • I understand how you feel about the lack of employment opportunities over there. Many of my countrymen with good degrees who try their luck in your country end up as caretakers for elders as they claim there are just no jobs available.
        I hope you’ll be able to find one soon even if it’s not ideal for you — merely to pay the bills and to feel busy.
        It’s no different in the Philippines. Our economy never recovered even after the Marcos era.

        I’m more of a reader than a writer around here on WordPress – for four years now. More of and on and off blogger really :-).
        We need not be fantastic every time we visit one another’s blogs. Btw, Doobs had ignored me and almost complained of my presence there in the past. Now, he simply has no choice but to accommodate me. 😀

        Aah, I keep on opening a new account on Twitter but I never seem to get the hang of it.

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