I read depressing books.

a rule

I am on a true crime kick lately. I am about to finish one Ann Rule book, and I have another on deck. You may or may not know of Ann Rule: She’s an ex-cop who actually worked alongside Ted Bundy at a call center for an emotional support helpline. She wrote about that case and many others. Her books are massive kilo brick volumes full of deceit and murder.

I have time to read these because I ain’t got no job.

I like these books for all the wrong reasons, and for all the right reasons. It is a guilty pleasure kind of thing, one might say, it appeals to a dark and morbid sense of curiosity. Nothing good can come from the reading of these books.

BUT: She is a good writer.

The stories are riveting. The composition is great. She advances strings of plot at just the right pace, and they converge hard. The amount of detail she gives about people’s lives is so interesting to me. This amount of detail would be interesting whether there was a murder in the story or not. It is not easy to figure out what details to include and what to exclude, when you’re working toward larger goal in writing.

It is dark dark stuff though, yeah. I have had friends tell me I consume too much dark stuff: movies, music, literature. I don’t know. I can handle it I think. You can’t appreciate the light if you don’t know the depths of the dark.


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7 Responses to I read depressing books.

  1. 63mago says:

    Sorry, I have no clue about these people, be it Ms Rule or Mr Bundy – a shoe seller by chance ? Its ages since I read a crime novel, be it based on real cases or on fiction.

  2. She’s very good isn’t she? The motives are often little more than greed desperation or expediency which is true. Murder is about solving a problem or meeting a need.

    • HappyApathy says:

      Yes, when she describes the way these people act before they murder, the escalation in their behavior, it makes me wonder if I have seen that type of behavior in people around me. Are there murderers ‘in developement’ out there around us? Like in traffic and all?

  3. twaldron2014 says:

    Thanks for the follow on my blog (Retired, Not Dead). I’m a huge crime fiction fan but had not tried Ann Rule. I’m always excited to hear a good recommendation about another mystery/crime novelist. I also like Dennis Lehane (the McKenzie/Generazzo series), Robert Crais, and John Sandford. I get that same comment about dwelling too much in the dark stuff especially with the kinds of TV series I like–“Luther”, “True Detective”, etc.

    • HappyApathy says:

      I was hooked on Luther. I watched every episode available on Netflix. that actor was on another really gritty show, The Wire, which is definitely my favorite show. That show can be really brutal. It’s about the drug trade in Baltimore, but it also covers the police, the education, and the politics of the city. It is very comprehensive.

  4. twaldron2014 says:

    I read he was on “The Wire” when I was doing some background for one of my posts about the Top 5 TV Detectives. I did not catch it the first time around and recently tried to go back to it, but there are soooo many episodes (and they aren’t in HD). But everything I have heard is that it is an amazing series.

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