Where do you see yourself in…THE NEXT FIVE MINUTES


I am genuinely interested in the work world. I am fascinated with all the different types of jobs there are out there, with the places people put in their hours, with the stories of their careers.

I actually find this website fascinating. It is the Occupational Outlook Handbook online. I browse that site in the way that other people browse amazon.com or eBay I think.

I am so fascinated with learning about the jobs, that I start to lose sight of the fact that I actually need to land one of these jobs. My curiosity is scary sometimes. My curiosity is more like an addiction…and I am addicted to information. I am addicted to change.

I am curious.
I am rootless.
I am fairly attachment-free.
I can’t wait to see what I’ll be doing next.
I can’t wait to meet the people I will meet.
I know I should be ‘living in the now’ and all that enlightened jazz, but I am curious about where I will end up.


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8 Responses to Where do you see yourself in…THE NEXT FIVE MINUTES

  1. Blue290 says:

    It’s amazing what you “want” to do and sometimes where life “puts” you in a career.

  2. 63mago says:

    Interesting images. Do you know Otl AICHER ?

    • HappyApathy says:

      No, I did not know of Otl Aicher. I just now googled him and his images, and ….WOW…. icon of icons.

    • HappyApathy says:

      63mago, I am now on a total pictogram frenzy, googling all kinds of pictograms. I want to create a pictogram blog now. I want to print them and hang them everywhere, ha.

      I got on a kick like this with Mayan glyphs.

      • 63mago says:

        Oh, what did I do ? Bringing a bottle of hooch to the weekly aa-meeting …

        Aicher is an interesting man, the Hochschule für Gestaltung they founded did some great work – their best known industrial design is of a table service for canteens, and they often are reduced to this, but they did a lot more. I am sure it is mentioned everywhere that Aicher made the pictograms for Olympia 1972 – if you can reach it, have a look in his book Zeichensysteme der visuellen Kommunikation (Amazon link, very interesting, will feed your picto-frenzy. Aicher also was in typography, but in my personal opinion only, he was much better with the pictograms, ~graphs, I think he did not reach the heights of distinction of a Tschichold f.e. – but again, just my blabbing.
        If you like this stuff you’ll sooner or later come across the history of road-signs and all that “modernist” stuff from 1880 to 1933 (that is when it ended in Europe). It’s all semiotics in the end.

      • HappyApathy says:

        Yes, I see quite a lot about his Olympia work.

        I’ll have to find a good library to try to look up some of the other work you mentioned. I could really get into this and make a real study of it.

        Have you seen the documentary, Helvetica?

  3. 63mago says:

    Sorry, no I did not see this film. I just looked at the web-page related, they really interviewed a lot of interesting and important people – including Zapf, I really thought he’d be already dead.
    Good typography is difficult, I think. Like everything that looks in the end effortless, like something that simply “has to be this way”, and no other. The “Helvetica” is surely a very good modern design, very versatile.
    I especially like serif fonts, the indestructible Garamond – hey, its here for some hundred years, and it will stay – or Bodoni.
    And speaking about Swiss design – Adrian FRUTIGER pops up in my memory – Der Mensch und seine Zeichen – seems to be a kind of “classic” now, I’m sure there is an English version.
    BTW the best font is useless, when the page is crap – typesetting is a lost art nowadays. I already mentioned Ian TSCHICHOLD, look at his work and cry. And he made a wounderful little thing about the “&”-sign, just lovely.

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