People who overdo Halloween might be a little disturbed.


Yeah — especially if they don’t seem to care much about any other holiday. I know this, because one year, I was this disturbed person . . . who overdid it on Halloween. It was the Halloween right after our company had mass layoffs. Some people didn’t get laid off, but they were yanked out of the departments they were in, and they were forced to work in a highly undesirable _____ Department. I was one of these unlucky ones, and I was depressed about it or bitter or something. Well, this crummy department elected me to come up with a Halloween decorating idea, and …well…put it this way…it rivaled the set of any scary movie you can imagine, and that ain’t just hollow braggin. It was a hellish, freakish freaky freak show full of zombies and wires hanging out of the ceiling and garbage and body parts laying around and garbage bags taped over the windows making it really dark and black lights and the whole ghoulish nightmare. People were afraid to come see it. I was a fringe hero for that.

I was thinking about this because at one of my interviews, they had decorated their lobby for Halloween. You could barely get through all the webs and nets and assorted ghoul-ware hanging out of ceiling. It was great! It was the sign of a workplace full of people whose spirits were in rebellion – they wanted to show everyone how pissed at the world they were. As crazy as that lobby was, with zombie images and dead bodies and grave stones and all, still, everybody I saw who walked through the lobby had the stinky face. You’d think that they would crack a smile and chuckle about how crazy their lobby was…maybe have a couple laughs — but no…they seemed really miserable.


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2 Responses to People who overdo Halloween might be a little disturbed.

  1. I dressed up as a tampon once. Voted best costume.

  2. HappyApathy says:

    That’s a new one on me, wow. I agree with your victory.

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