Two Interviews Yesterday

I had the two interviews yesterday. With the first interview, my primary interviewer canceled, so somebody else filled in. The stand-in was young, and I think she read an article at about interviewing five minutes before I showed up. That was her prep. Standard interview questions, lots of scribbling on my resume, lots of pauses.

The interviewer in the second interview: She showed exactly zero cordiality or feeling whatsoever. They forgot to load the personality programs into that unit. That unit never smiled, and I’m not sure if she breathed. She was like a Vulcan…she was like Mr. Spock’s aunt after six tranquilizers. She was knowledgeable, but mostly dead inside. Poker face, only, more lifeless. Scary lifeless. Sociopath lifeless? Do I wanna work there? With her?

I have no idea how either interview went. I was never stumped. I kept my rap going. It felt like I gave good talkies. Who knows. I’ll find out before the end of the week I guess.


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6 Responses to Two Interviews Yesterday

  1. Blue290 says:

    Good luck and most HR departments are not the “personality” of the company. Some times. Unless you are getting a HR job…then run away!

    • HappyApathy says:

      I would definitely run away from that, yeah. Nah, the emotionless one was an I.T. director. I understand how why she’s like that. All brain power gets used on all the technology stuff. I was probably just a time-slot to her. She’s probably already picked somebody.

      • Blue290 says:

        I too am in IT. I hate the stereotypes we get. Which js why i have so much fun breaking that mold. Daily.

      • HappyApathy says:

        In the i.t. department I was just in, four of them had Harley Davidson motorcycles. Most of them have guns. One guy flies planes for fun. Yeah…the classic nerd stereotype, nah. This is the new nerd.

  2. 63mago says:

    At least you had interviews, I only have nicely written letters of denial.
    Regarding the IT-people – riding Harleys and slinging guns – does that mean IT-people are basically conservative ? Harely-David-son-of-a-bitch and guns may have another connotation where I live, possibly.

    • HappyApathy says:

      Yes, I think the department was largely conservative leaning. There were only two of us lefties in there. We got along, but the conversations got spirited. It’s funny. We had a TV in our department’s break room. Every time somebody put on Fox, me or this other guy would change it. It would always get changed back. Finally, I started putting it on Cartoon Network.

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