Two Interviews

I have two interviews today that staffing places have set up for me. One is an I.T. data thing that would be the natural next step in ‘my career’ given my ‘skill set’ and ‘my recent experience’ at to this ‘point.’ It’s a fit. I’ve been doing the stuff that they have in the job description. They had sent a guy over with 15 years experience — and at first they were gonna take him — but something fell through. Probably, the guy wanted too much money or got a better offer at the last minute.

The other position is a really low paying job at a place that offers services and products and training in _____ — and it’s super complex, and I spent a couple hours trying to grasp what the hell it is that they do. They train. They maintain stores of info. They provide licensing. They integrate. To me, it sounds like a buncha crap you could do if you knew how to fully utilize all the features of Microsoft Outlook. But. I guess that’s the genius of it: Make something that looks fancy and sell it for a high price, even though a cheap thing would do the trick. AND: hire cheapo labor (like me) to support it.


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