The unemployed have better blogs.

I am probably blogging too much. So what will I do to remedy this situation? I will write a blog post about it. It’s my therapy.

I have been crashing so many parties out there — in the comment windows of other people’s blogs — uninvited — I just drop in and start blabbing. Comment windows that have 30, 40, 50, 100 comments in them. I read and read and read. I comment and comment and comment. What else am I going to do? I’m unemployed. I have the time for this.

I read light-hearted blog posts. I read deep, self-discovery blog posts. I read spiritual blog posts.

WordPress is my main human interaction lately. I mean: I have a girlfriend living here who I interact with. When she comes in the room, the computer gets set aside.

WordPress and my girlfriend . . . these are my human interactions currently . . . And: the staffers at fifteen different staffing agencies, telling me there’s no work currently. These are my interactions. And: text messages from old friends in Florida. And: the stares of drivers in the cars that zoom by outside…they glance up and wonder what the hell I’m doing: standing there in the yard, spacing out, staring at a tree or a rock or whatever.


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7 Responses to The unemployed have better blogs.

  1. Haha. Maybe you should apply at the local newspaper.

  2. NoR says:

    And how do you get from blog to blog? Just wandering… letting one take you to the next?

    Job is out there.

    • HappyApathy says:

      At first I was really into tags. I would click on different tags in my reader. Then, I would come to a blog, and there would be huge amounts of comments, and I’m thinking, wow, that looks like a party going on in there. I can almost hear the music and the upside down keg hits going on. Ha

      There are these clusters of blog that form out there. It’s pretty interesting. Blogger tribes. The unifying things…? Theme? Subject matter? Do these people know each other from real world? Do they know each other from a different social media? Did they just find each other the same way I found them?

  3. NoR says:

    oh ps, i have that 4 agreements book but haven’t been able to get into it. will try again.

  4. japingape says:

    WordPress and your girlfriend sound good, but not the drivers who are staring at you. Why don’t you moon them? That’ll teach them to mind their business.

    • HappyApathy says:

      That would be awesome. You ever hear of those people who stand next to railroad tracks – and they moon the trains that go by? Like, whole crowds of them. That would be the ultimate.

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