The Blogging Approach

Lately, with every thought that passes through my brains, I try to package it into a blog post.

I am a WordPress fiend.

This is how I was when I started out on the Blogger platform in 2002. I was blogging everything. I would even blog about the lack of a subject. I went through so many phases with that blog. Over time, I told too many people about that blog – people in my real world – and I reached a point where I felt I could not say anything worth saying.

I’m still somewhat anonymous here, so I can really lay it all out and have my epiphanies and cataclysms and speak freely without worrying about who is reading it.

I goof off and joke around in the comment windows of the more light-hearted blogs I see. I can yuck it up with the best of them, I think. But I think that when some of those revelers follow my link, and see what I’m writing about over here, they just say “Yuck,” or “Um,” or “No thanks.”


About HappyApathy

It eels what it eels.
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