I didn’t wander in the road much today. I stayed close to the phone, hoping someone would call and ask me to start working for them Monday. Cell phones barely work out here. We have a land line with a cordless setup. I set the cordless on the steps, and I stood in the yard, and I eyeballed cars as they went by. Living in the country is a deep deep meditation. It is so dull and so event-less. You tend to just stare…a lot. You fall into a trance due to lack of mental activity.

With the occasional cars that zoom by, I play the goofy game of “Will they wave or won’t they?” If I wave, the driver does not wave, and I feel like a putz. If I do not wave, the driver does wave, and then they zoom past before I can return the politeness, and I feel like a snob — a snob standing in front of a mobile home.


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It eels what it eels.
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  1. lol at the last phrase.

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