Playing in Traffic

I am not exactly playing IN traffic. I am pacing in the road, in front of the house, kind of meditating. When a car or truck passes, I step off the road as far as I can. They only come by about once every thirty minutes or so, and ya hear em coming waaay in advance.

There is something that is just so satisfying about walking in the road, knowing that I probably won’t see a car in quite a while. Not sure what that is. I am not really into the gunpowder, gasoline and cocaine type of thrills. There is just this walking that I’m doing. Where ever and whenever. There’s plenty of time and plenty of terrain.

Pacing in the street is my first choice, right now, during business hours. Any activity is more desirable than this job search. Maybe, if money were not an issue, a more desirable activity would be to drop thousands of dollars on one of THESE…and get ON with it. But probably, I’ll just continue with my pacing and my walking.


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2 Responses to Playing in Traffic

  1. I took a seven mile walk on Sunday. The car that you showed looked a lot like the cars that zoomed by me.

  2. I think I only did about a mile, and I did it in tight little circles.

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