The Wrong Way


At my old job one time, I opened up the email address book, and I read every name. I grouped the names into two categories:

“This one’s cool,” or, “This one’s an asshole.”

I had a spreadsheet open too. I put a one (1) in column A if the person was cool. I put a one (1) in column B if the person was an asshole. When I was done going through the address book, I counted my totals. Apparently, back then, my perception was that 10% of my coworkers were intolerable assholes.

Wow. I really should not go into my next job with this type of…attitude. Nobody’s an asshole 100% of the time. Nobody’s 100% cool. How shitty of me. What column did I fall in on other people’s ‘spreadsheets?’ 

I’m not going to ask what your observed ratio is…or if you have ever calculated it.


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5 Responses to The Wrong Way

  1. I am worse. I was cleaning out my junk drawer yesterday, and I found this list…I had asked my son who/whom he liked on his baseball team. He liked three, was indifferent to a bunch and disliked three. I felt guilty for even asking, so I put in in my ” mother of the year” file. Kidding, I threw it out. :-\

  2. I need a new spreadsheet where I track: “Dumb stuff I used to do.”

  3. HA I love your honesty! Right as I saw this article the same line played on a song I’m listening to about going the wrong way. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, I think the more open and honest we are the more we can feel okay about ourselves. We’re all the same deep down. Sharon oxoxo

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