Tags: Words that Begin with ‘A’

I was looking at the tag cloud on my blog, over there on the right. When you read my tags, starting at the top with the ‘A’s, it would seem that I AM QUITE A BASKET CASE. Lots of negative tags start with the letter ‘A.’

I wonder if I can find positive words that start with the letter ‘A’ — so that I can maybe improve my image here. (I am not a totally angry, anxious, antisocial person, really.) I want to find more A-WORDS -that truly fit me -that are positive.

Well . . . there are none! I’m looking at a website for people who cheat at Scrabble, and apparently, all the words that start with the letter ‘A’ are negative and scary; and THEY ALL FIT ME PERFECTLY:

Abegging – to be unnoticed, unused, or unappreciated; find few supporters
Acentric – Not centered or having no center
Abstrict – no definition found, sounds right though
Abradant – A tool or machine used for wearing down or smoothing or polishing (I do that)
Acidhead – ahem . . . that’s a Scrabble word?

So, what A-WORDS describe you?


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4 Responses to Tags: Words that Begin with ‘A’

  1. Blue290 says:

    Aggressive, aloof, absentminded, afraid, abstract

  2. Antisocial, abnormal. You’re right… Lots of negatives.

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