Help Wanted: Coat Stocker/Box Climber


I have accepted all kinds of job offers. This morning I was thinking about a particular job I had: It was a temp job setting up stock in a brand new Burlington Coat Factory location in a mall. They were still building the façade on the entrance, and the electricians were still wiring it up inside. There was a massive mountain of boxed up merchandise in the center of the store space. There were a bunch of us temps standing around. This pile of freight was stacked up so high, we all just kind of looked at each other, not knowing where to start. It looked like if you grabbed from the bottom, there would be an avalanche. I looked for a sturdy looking section in the stack, and I actually climbed half way up the stack and started handing down smaller boxes from the top. Some lady saw me do that, and she climbed up too. Before long, that huge stack was shrinking, and all the coats and clothes and everything was being unboxed and taken where it needed to go. At one point, I was unboxing these tiny children’s winter coats. I grabbed six or seven per armload, carrying them to the children’s section. It was weird because, with the sleeves on these fluffy feather-down stuffed tiny coats — the sleeves stick straight out — as though there was already a little kid in the coat, holding her arms out, shrugging, wondering where to go…


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2 Responses to Help Wanted: Coat Stocker/Box Climber

  1. I’ve worked at Target, OfficeMax, McDonalds, Taco Bell, and all other kinds of jobs where I wanted to work in the back away from customers. But every single time they stuck me upfront on a cash register.

    • I would much rather not deal with general public for a job, yeah. It really takes a lot out of me. I get overwhelmed in trying to be fully there with the person. Maybe if I detached more.

      Glad to see you Susie Sanddune!

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