No Opportunity. Really.


I am very close to starting over at the bottom of the pay scale. I’m not even gonna mention how low I am considering going.

I just don’t look good enough on paper to be able to move freely around in the job world, increasing my pay as I go, moving at will, taking whatever job I choose, never taking steps backward or down. If I want to move – for some reason other than job stuff – if I want to move just to move — just because I want to be in Location B instead of Location A: I have to take a pay cut…I have to take what I can get, basically, in the workforce. I mean: I got good skills: Technical skills. But I don’t have enough cred to cold-call up a job like the one I most recently had. It took me four and a half years in that crummy organization to make it into something that ‘had potential’ . . . whatever that means…in this case it meant: I.T. stuff. I could have hung on there and kept applying for jobs at night, I guess, and waited it out until I got a good offer. But I’m impatient. I want what I want when I want it. I wanted to move. So now I will suffer for that. That’s been my life really: It’s been a long path of stupid and/or extreme decisions. Freedom is expensive. I got pretty down about all this today. I guess I’ll go watch some of my dumb spiritual videos or get drunk or somethin. A spider bit me on the ear a little while ago on top of all this. Benadryl is making me drowsy. Am I supposed to ‘be about something’ …am I supposed to earn a certain amount of money by this point in life…am I outside the norm…blah blah who cares…at least I have the satisfaction of mostly not giving a shit and kinda thinkin my own thoughts the majority of the time…that’s somethin I guess…as long as I have an internet connection to post my babblement…I guess I’m good…


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2 Responses to No Opportunity. Really.

  1. Bowrag says:

    Did that send you to my blog??? Haha

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