Opportunity Rings Out (faintly)


The Outlook Email notification dings occasionally –on the work computer– but I mostly ignore it. The occasional car zooms by outside, down this country road I live on. I look up at each car out of curiosity. I just saw a posting online for a new job that would be a PERFECT match for me. It’s through an agency though…so…yeah…but…this is how I get my jobs… and I ain’t even sad about it. Anyway, I applied, and the agency already called me, and they said they’d throw me into the running for the position. I am super-enthused about the opportunity, and I’m having a little trouble settling my spirit and keeping the expectations low and keeping the reality grip: this ain’t that great of a job…but it’ll do…it’s a near perfect match skill-wise/experience-wise –basically—it’s what I do.

I just want to fool around now. I want to pace a lot. Blare music. Dance, clumsily. Kick a little soccer ball around. Act stupid. Scare my cat (unintentionally). I won’t drink till five. I’ll keep one ear on the part-time diminishing, but still existing, work -on the work computer…and on the fun computer: I’ll read blog posts, and I’ll blast music. If somebody skypes on the work computer, I’ll prolly go do what they want me to, but if they don’t, I won’t…basically…and that’s my day. So there’s not much to this blog post, but I just felt like posting.


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2 Responses to Opportunity Rings Out (faintly)

  1. Lori D says:

    Hey, I was just clicking around on your blog and watched this video. Wow, you really are in a remote place that gives the feel of being the last person on earth. I could hear the nature in the video, yet I could sense the peace from the stillness surrounding it all. I’m a city girl, so any long-term time in remoteness would drive me insane. I have been out to remote places on vacations … a couple of different cabins in the woods. When we heard rustling in the woods it freaked us out. While we liked it for the peaceful getaway, we felt so disconnected from humanity. Good thing you have the web to keep you connected to some extent. It seems like you enjoy the peace though, and that’s good. Hope you like the next place you move to.

    • I would probably not be able to stay here for good. It’s beautiful out here, but there just aren’t enough humans. Yeah, I lived in DC for a while, and comparing that to this – there is no comparison.

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