My Shapeless Schedule

I’m not saying I need more structure in my life. I’m saying that the lack of structure seems to be changing my life. I’m thinking about it too much, though, and: Who cares…

I feel the pull of seemingly important tasks that seem to require attention. These items are not cemented to a tile on a calendar. Instead, they just float…out there.. They float out there, and occasionally their gravity pulls on me.

I work from home, and the work seems to be drying up. I don’t really care.


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2 Responses to My Shapeless Schedule

  1. Blue290 says:

    I survived working from home for 2 years. As I ended up in an office job this past year, I would kill to go back. I would have to put a lock on the fridge and hit the gym more however. A high-ranking military officer said to start off the day by making your bed. It sounds corny, but it sets the tone. Think about when you stop one thing, then stop doing something else. Chaos ensues. I tried that Top 10 list to get back to some normalcy or organization….I had to make it a Top 3. Just to get into gear. Good luck in finding your stride again. Baby steps. (And wine….lots of freaking wine)

    • I know I will look back on this time and wish that I had appreciated it more. I am loving this existence dearly, for sure, but something feels like it’s changing. It would help if I kept up certain pillars of a usual schedule. I wake up early each day…I don’t think I’ll ever escape that one.

      When I go back to a normal routine, I’ll probably get overly concerned or obsessive about schedule stuff, i’ll get all weird about it (again): optimum time to begin commute (when does traffic really spike?), stopwatch in the car to time myself taking different routes, pack lunch EVERY day, no fastfood runs, what stations to listen to when NPR is doing their cursed fund drives…all that stuff

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